UK PM Boris Johnson admitted to ICU; even the powerful are susceptible

The most talked about news headlines for April 6, 2020.


As we turn the page on a new week, major developments continue to transpire on the Coronavirus front. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who less than a month ago boasted about shaking hands with Covid-19 patients, was admitted to the intensive care unit this week amid growing concerns about his health. In what is perhaps the sternest warning to those not taking social-distancing measures seriously, Covid-19’s latest victim shows no-one is immune. At the same time, grim milestones are reached daily as the US surpasses 10,000 deaths and Japan prepares for a nation-wide state of emergency.

Today’s Headlines:

  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to intensive ICU as condition worsens (Read More)
  • US reaches a grim milestone as Covid-19 deaths exceed 10,000 (Read More)
  • Japan to declare state of emergency; set to deliver $1.4 Trillion stimulus (Read More)
  • US is reaching maximum oil storage capacity, prices tank (Read More)

Here’s what people are saying about it:

How sustainable is the oil price war?


UK PM Boris Johnson moved to intensive care unit as condition worsens.


Trump is calling for a miracle cure, government counterparts call his preaching reckless.


Japan’s Prime Minister reluctantly moves towards declaring a “state of emergency” for Japan.


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