How to build your own home gym …for FREE

How to build your own home gym for next to nothing! Get a high quality workout while saving a ton of money!


Getting in shape is hard enough, but it doesn’t also have to break the bank! There are a TON of YouTube videos, websites, articles and advertisements encouraging you to sign up for gym memberships or to buy the newest, latest piece of equipment. But why waste money on something you’re likely to stow away in the basement and forget about in 3 months!

A DIY home gym is significantly cheaper than a couple months of worth of membership fees. Plus you’ll save a ton of time getting to and from the Gym and cut out the pointless socializing. For more free workout tips and information, please go to He is a great mentor and has been providing free fitness advice for decades.

Here’s how to get in shape for FREE (or as close to it as you can get):

Free Home Gym (what’s needed)

OK, fine! We’re taking a few liberties with the word “gym”, but the idea here is that there is a LOT you can do with what you already have. Anything you do need to buy can be done for $200 or less. With this gym setup, you’ll be able to get a complete workout at home, no compromises. And you can probably find all of the equipment below used or like-new on Amazon or Craigslist for much less. The great thing about dumbbells is that used is just as good as new. They are extremely durable and if you don’t mind a few dings and scratches you’ll pay a fraction of the cost. The best part about this home gym is you can take most of the equipment with you on the road so you can keep your fitness goals on track, even while travelling.

Equipment Needed:

  1. Doorway Mount pull-up bar ($25-65)
  2. Resistance Bands ($24)
  3. Suspension trainer ($79) – or try a DIY version for $6
  4. Jump rope ($24)
  5. Dumbbell handles ($25) – & a set of cheap weight-plates with 1″ holes from Craiglist ($20).

Workout Plan:

The following workout is based on a push-pull method. All workouts should be in 3 sets of 8 reps (or until failure). Visit to learn how to set up and use a suspension trainer. You’ll want to make sure you have a sturdy anchor point such as a door or floor beam.

Monday (Push workout)

  1. Dumbbell press, laying on floor, 3×8 reps (Use: 2 dumbbells)
  2. Dumbbell flys, laying on floor, 3×8 reps (Use: 2 dumbbells)
  3. Push-ups, until failure
  4. Overhead press, standing up, 3×8 reps (Use: 2 dumbbells)
  5. Shoulder raise, standing up, 3×8 reps (Use: 2 dumbbells)
  6. Dips, 3×8 (Use: Suspension trainer)
  7. Cardio 20 mins – jogging or jump rope

Wednesday (Pull workout)

  1. Pull-up overhand wide, 3×8 reps (Use: Pull-up bar)
  2. Bent-over rows, 3×8 reps (Use: 1 Dumbbell and a chair)
  3. Chin-up underhand, 3×8 reps (Use: Pull-up bar)
  4. Bicep curls, 3×8 reps (Use: 2 dumbbells)
  5. Seated Bicep curls, thumbs up, 3×8 reps (Use: 2 dumbbells and a chair)
  6. Cardio 20 mins – jogging or jump rope

Friday (Legs)

  1. Rotissorie core workout, 3×8 reps
  2. Jumping Squats 3×8 reps or until failure
  3. Hip raise 3×8 (Use: suspension trainer)
  4. Lunges 3×8 (Use: suspension trainer)
  5. Calf raises 3×8 (Use: you stairway, one leg at a time)

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday: Cardio 30 minutes. Alternate between jump rope, jogging, swimming, bicycling, or various high-intensity sports.

For more information on workouts check out


$25,000 Home Gym (What NOT to do)

With a $25,000 custom home gym, you’re going to have the shiniest new equipment, but you’ll get basically the same quality workout as the $250 home gym. But you’ll have to spend a whopping 12,500% more! Just imagine what else you could do with all that hard-earned dough! For example:

  1. Rowing Machine ($1,300) – Incline Fit Wood Water Rowing Machine
  2. Stationary Bike ($1,800) – Minotaur Cycle Exercise Bike
  3. Treadmill ($4,999) – Nordic Track Treadmill Series 2950
  4. Elliptical ($5,595) – Precor EFX 835 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer
  5. Dumbbell set ($4,500) – Bodykore Rubber Hex Complete Dumbbell Set
  6. Weight Stack Machine ($6,000) – XMark Functional Cable Trainer Machine with weight stack
  7. Workout Bench ($300) – Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench

And this is just scratching the surface of what is available for a fully decked-out home gym. You can literally go on, and on! And don’t forget that each of these pieces of equipment is massive! Most people will need a second room as large as their house to fit all of this.

Word of the wise: If you’re being sold a piece of workout equipment that targets only a specific muscle group, you’re likely getting ripped off.

Disclaimer: Consult your doctor before starting any exercise regime. We are not medical professionals.


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