A glimmer of hope? China’s economy shows signs of life!

The most talked about news headlines for March 31, 2020.

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China has been locked-down for nearly 3 months. But with less than 500 new cases of Coronavirus in over a week, its economy is now beginning to show signs of life as lock-down restrictions are lifted and exports begin to ramp up. With China showing evidence of a potentially sharp recovery curve, is this a positive indication of what other countries, currently embroiled in their own battles against the Virus, can expect as well?

While China was quick in its attempts to contain the virus, other countries were much slower in adopting strict social distancing measures. For countries such as the U.S. and UK, a flattening of the spread rate has not yet been observed, which means the worst is still yet to come. And by some estimates, the death toll in America alone could reach 250,000. It is also unclear if the economic repercussions will be temporary or lasting as the conditions that have pushed the world’s economies into this current recession are fundamentally different than that of 2008.

Today’s Headlines:

  • Amazon fires employee who let strike over Covid-19 safety concerns (Read More)
  • Global stocks move higher after China’s economy shows signs of life (Read More)
  • Trump: keeping Coronavirus deaths under 100,000 would “be a good job” (Read More)
  • April 1st is rent day! What will happen if you can’t pay? (Read More)

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Amazon’s fires a working for organizing Covid-19 strike. Will it spark a workers movement?


The data supports a very sharp V shaped recovery for China:


Trump attempts to get ahead of the virus’ enromous death toll, but not everyone is buying his message:


Some landlords are now allowing partial rent payments to be deferred during Coronavirus. Is it enough?


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