Covid-19 has caused a toilet paper shortage! Are bidets next?

Covid-19 has caused a rush on… toilet paper! Are we witnessing the rise of bidets?

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The world seems to be falling apart at the seams.  Coronavirus is spreading across the globe at an alarming rate and people are stocking up on, of all things…toilet paper? It seems the #Coronopocalypse is driving everyone to complete and utter madness.

The sudden and dramatic spike in the demand of toilet paper has caused panic among shoppers who have begun stockpiling it, resulting in a global shortage.  While these shortages appear to be temporary, people have begun seeking out alternatives. In particular, Bidets! Over the past month, bidet orders have seen an exponential increase in orders, with some stores completely selling out of their inventory!  We could very well be witnessing the first bidet shortage in North American history as a result of Covid-19 panic buying.  We live in interesting times indeed.

If you’re stuck without toilet paper and have been on the fence for a while about a bidet solution, check out this luxury bidet toilet. Nothing like a pandemic to get people to revolutionize their bathroom habits!

And in case you’ve just purchased a bidet and have absolutely NO CLUE how to use it, here are some quick tips for a first time standalone-bidet user (for more detailed instructions, check out this wikihow article):

  1. Use the toilet first: A Bidet is NOT a toilet
  2. Locate the bidet: Once you finish your business, shuffle over to the bidet
  3. Face the right way: Straddle the bidet and face towards facet tap
  4. Adjust the controls: Adjust the temperature and strength of the jet using the hot/cold handles
  5. Position yourself: Squat over the stream of water so it hits the area you want to clean
  6. Clean yourself: The force of the water should do the trick, but if you have low water pressure jets, a bit of scrubbing might be necessary
  7. Dry yourself: If you have a fancy bidet, it might have an air-dry setting. Otherwise use a bit of toilet paper or a towel
  8. Rinse out the bidet
  9. Wash your hands

While toilet paper likely isn’t going away any time soon, this outbreak might just be the catalyst that brings bidets into the North American mainstream!  What do you think, is it time to take the leap and opt for bidets > TP?

Stay healthy, stay clean, stay fresh!


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