Covid-19 tops 200,000 infected!

Covid-19 tops 200,000 infected as coronavirus containment efforts intensifies.

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The coronavirus has just surpassed 200,000 infected with no signs of the curve flattening. If anything, the rate of contagion is accelerating! China still leads the pack with over 80,000 infected, but other countries such as Italy, France, and Spain are catching up fast.

With new travel bans in affect, airlines cancelling operations and laying off staff, and governments implementing mass quarantines of their citizens, we are truly in uncharted territory.

For live Covid-19 statistics, visit: World-O-Meters

Here’s what some people are saying about it:

Timeline of infections.

West jet flights during Feb 28-Mar 12 unknowingly flew in Covid-19 positive passengers.

Stock markets to plunge again today amidst Covid concerns.

If you’re worried about Covornavirus, here’s what to do.


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