Urgent need for blood donations

Countries are facing massive blood shortages as donations drop off and supplies dry up.

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Massive blood supply shortages could be sweeping the nation and the globe in the coming weeks as demand increases and supply dramatically drops off. While the current level of inventory is still sufficient to cover immediate demand, new donations have decreased markedly which is worrying some experts.

According to the Canadian Blood Services, people are just afraid to come out and donate blood. They are afraid of contracting or spreading the virus. Many blood services organizations are trying to get the message out that blood donation facilities have extremely robust cleaning procedures in place and that all prospective donors are carefully screened for any symptoms of the illness.

Here’s what some people are saying about it:

Mass cancellations are having a serious impact on the blood supply.

US Surgeon General states that Red Cross is facing a severe shortage.

Politicians are stepping up to give blood amid shortages.

First lady, Melania Trump, is urging Americans to donate blood to help stem shortage.


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