Trump orders 3M to cease exporting masks to Canada

The most talked about news headlines for April 3, 2020.

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Things are heating up around the world this week. Coronavirus cases have blown past 1 million world-wide, people are losing their jobs at historic rates and governments are turning to war-time measures to manufacture medical supplies locally. As existing stockpiles continue to deplete, tensions are rising between companies and countries to find personal protective equipment for the healthcare industry.

Today’s Headlines:

  • Trump’ tests legal and ethical limits; halts export of N95 masks to Canada (Read More)
  • “Another Big Short” – Investor posts 40% gain during Covid crises (Read More)
  • Experts pivot on advice; now recommend wearing masks to curb spread (Read More)
  • Dozens of refrigerated trucks arrive in NYC as deaths climb dramatically (Read More)
  • 85% of Canada’s military ordered to self-isolate (Read More)

Here’s what people are saying about it:

Will Canada retaliate? Trump orders 3M to stop exporting N95 masks.


The majority of Canada’s troops are now being forced to self-isolate.


Medical equipment is in short supply and some hospitals have to resort to crowd-funding PPE.


NYC is beginning to look like a scene from a disaster movie. It’s a pretty scary sight..


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  1. Not surprising of Trump at all. He has no morals plus is too stupid to know that the raw material to make said masks comes from Canada. Sad situation in the States…

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