What is with Trump’s Hydroxychloroquine obsession?

The most talked about news headlines for April 7, 2020.


Is trump genuinely concerned about helping out fellow Americans? Is he grasping for straws? Or is this some more devious self-serving plot?

It’s hard to tell exactly what Trump’s motives are and quite concerning given the heated arguments taking place over the drug among senior White House officials.

So what exactly is hydroxychloroquine? Well, it is a drug used to prevent or treat malaria, a mosquito-borne infectious disease responsible for infecting half a billion people each year. Hydroxycholoroquine is ingested orally and typically administered 1-2 weeks before travelling to a malarious area. The drug is quite well tolerated by most people, and reduces the risk of contracting the disease by around 90%.

Claims made by Trump about hydroxychloroquine:

  • It has antiviral affect on the virus
  • It is pretty much a cure for Coronavirus
  • It could be one of the biggest game-changers in medical history
  • It doesn’t kill people

The above claims are dubious at best, and at worst downright dangerous. The top immunologist in USA, Anthony Fauci, has been adamant that the drug is not a proven treatment for the virus. All relevant studies conducted to date are of a small population size, with questionable control factors and data integrity. It is also not clear if the drug is effective in combating the virus itself or merely in alleviating the symptoms. As with any drug, there are always side-effects, which in the case of hydroxychloroquine can include anything from nausea to heart failure. And with a sudden surge in demand for the drug, stockpiles for those who actually need it to treat the world’s most deadly disease, malaria, may run out.


Today’s Headlines:

  • Trump touts “wonder drug” hydroxychloroquine, but does it work? (Read More)
  • Wuhan, the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic ends its 76-day lockdown (Read More)
  • Japan declares state of emergency and delivers a $1 Trillion stimulus package (Watch Now)
  • 1 million Canadians apply for Coronavirus benefits on day 1 (Read More)

Here’s what people are saying about it:

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