World braces for 1 million Covid-19 infections

The most talked about news headlines for March 28, 2020.


The U.S. has now become the new epicenter of Covid-19. As virus infections increase to almost 1 million world-wide, countries have begun taking increasingly drastic action. Cities have essentially shut down, and all but essential service businesses have closed, putting millions of employees out of work. Will trillions of dollars in financial-aid be enough to support workers and their families until the pandemic is brought under some semblance of control.

Today’s Headlines:

  • Trump considers quarantine of entire US cities : Read more
  • China donates thousands of masks & protective equipment to Canada : Read more
  • Trump invokes Defense Protection Act; Orders GM to produce face-masks : Watch now
  • Trump signs record $2.2 TRILLION relief package : Read more

Canada is running out of face-masks and protective equipment, fast!

Trump signs into law a $2.2 Trillion relief package; biggest in US history!

Companies stunned by Trump’s invocation of the Defense Protection Act.

Reactions to Trump announcing possible NY city quarantine.


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  1. That’s really worrisome. Canada’s population is less than 3% of India’s population. In India, we haven’t run out of masks, so how come they don’t have a basic thing like a mask?

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